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Amuseable Bubble Tea
Amuseable Bubble Tea Amuseable Bubble Tea

Amuseable Bubble Tea


Take a break and hug a cup! A quirky treat with summery vibes, Amuseables Bubble Tea's here! This beigey cup has a fluffy cream lid, a tall suedey straw and dark-chocolate boots, with embroidered black tapioca pearls. A super-chill desk mate for hectic days. Dimensions: 8.7in x 2.4in x 2.4in. Sitting Height: 6in

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Wrap it up! Includes a tissue lined box with a Peaches sticker and topped with a satin ribbon. There's also a tag for your personal message!  Note ribbon color in message box: ivory, peach, sage green, or our signature Peaches motif

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